Richard M. Moon Primary School

School Board

The residents of Waterford Unified District are represented at the school in many ways. Probably one of the most visible forms of representation is that of the Board Trustee.

School Board members are elected by registered voters within the boundries of Waterford Unified District.

Current WUSD Board Members are:

Timothy Bomgardner - Trustee

Sheila Collins - Trustee

Matt Erickson - Clerk 

Lisa Hawkins - Trustee

Jim Weaver - President

If you are interested in running for the school board, you can contact Ysabel Rockwell at 209-874-1809 for additional information.

The schedules, agendas and minutes for regular Board Meetings are posted on these pages and are available at downloading in PDF format.

Board Members are charged with the direction of the district, and it's solvency. Making personnel, financial, curricular and other major decisions, the meetings they hold are worth attending whether you're a parent or a community member.


Thank you for your interest in the Waterford Unified District Board of Trustees.